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Finding What the Future Holds for Online Slots

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When online slots first hit our computer screens back in the1990s the 3-reel fruit machines were rather flat, frumpy and featureless. Today, however, digital slots are jam packed with such palpable looking fruit it's hard not to reach for the cool whip. This is because as technology advanced so too did the quality and ingenuity of online gaming.

Nowadays slot enthusiasts can feast on HD 3D animated graphics, engaging sound FX, oodles of themes, multiple play lines, cascading reels, expanding, connecting and sticky wilds, bonus rounds and, of course, life changing jackpots. With all this accessible across multi devices, what could the future possibly hold for the online slot?

Social Interaction

The Future of Online Slots Canada

The ability to chat with other players while playing poker or bingo has long being a part of online gambling. As both these games have mini slots on the side, it could be said that online slots chat is nothing new, but it's envisaged that in the future chat and interaction features will be available to the wider slot spinning community.

Slot tournaments are becoming more popular and can add an exciting twist to your game. Like poker, there are several different slot tourneys at your fingertips including, scheduled, sit and go, buy-ins and free rolls. Prizes usually consist of cash or free spins plus your name being added to the leader board. Unlike poker, not much skill is needed but it can still be a great way of enjoying a session of buzz-filled spins for low stakes.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality slot play just may be the next big development in the online gambling world. With VR you can immerse yourself into the thick of the action and feel as if you're in an actual real-world casino. Moreover, you can be projected right inside the slot itself and feel as if all the features are a-comin' right atcha.

Currently there is a handful of online casinos that offer the VR casino experience and many of the top software developers are working on improving the technology. It could soon become the mainstream way to play, but will the savvy slot player just perceive it as an overrated gimmick? Time will tell if the future of online slots is so bright you gotta wear goggles.

More Future Online Slots Trends

The Future of Online Slots technology / future

Any advancement in technology is always quickly followed by new and improved casino software. Other future innovations may include:

  • Banking: These may be an increased number of gambling platforms licensed to accept digital currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin. While new payment methods like Apple Pay will be widely supported, credit cards will no longer be accepted as a means of payment.
  • Smartwatch Casinos: Access to online slots on your smartwatch is currently pretty limited - but give it time, as the top gaming developers are working round the clock in a bid to improve this technology.
  • Merging companies: Merges are a huge part of the online gambling industry and the meeting of such innovative minds can only result in bigger, better and more spintastic online slots.

The slots of tomorrow will definitely be more vivid, vibrant and user-orientated with extra features and better chances of winning while you're being totally entertained - game on!