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How to Win Cash with Free Spins

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It's common nature to carry a lot of skepticism before betting your money in a casino. How sure am I that the place can be trusted? How big will my returns be? And how fun will it be playing their slot games? Those questions can only be answered by one thing - free spins. What are they? And can I win cash with them? Read on to find out.

What Are Free Spins?

These offers are a type of bonus offered by casinos that allow you to try a new game or play an existing one without depositing cash. In most cases, you get awarded this casino bonus when a special set of three symbols appear on the winning pay lines or on a specific position on the reels. These bonuses offer you an opportunity to win cash, without risking anything since no cash deposit is required to play them.

How they Work

Win Cash with Free Spins Canada

Free spin bonuses require no stake work, just like other games in the casino. The only difference is, you'll not have to deposit before you can play and win money. In some cases, you can use your spin bonus on any game. However, some casinos impose a restriction on which slots you can use these bonuses on and win money.

You Can Win Cash with these Spins

Despite receiving a waiver on deposits, you can still be awarded money with these bonuses. Most casinos offering these promotions will award you somewhere between 5-25 spins (sometimes more), or a cash amount of around $10-$25. Naturally, you can win money with these promos, but it's often capped at around a couple hundred dollars so don't go chasing a jackpot.

How Do You Get Entitled to this Bonus?

Gambling centers use free spin bonuses mostly to attract new players. In most establishments, registering or signing up for an account wins you one or several uncharged spins, depending on the casino. This may be up to 50 or more. This gives you the opportunity to try out the machines and gauge how much fun and rewarding it is to play the slots in the establishment.

There May be Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements put a cap on the number of times you can play your bonus before you can make a withdrawal. For instance, a casino may offer wagering requirements of 30 x $50. This means that to win the $50 cash, you need to wager the same amount 30 times. That makes a total play of $1500 before you can withdraw your winnings. This applies for anything you win if you are awarded free spins instead of cash.

How to Win Cash?

Win Cash with Free Spins free spins

So, how do you win cash? Using these steps:

  1. Find a reputable and safe online casino - make sure the establishment is trusted and has a good gaming reputation. Most importantly, understand their withdrawal terms.
  2. Claim a "no deposit" bonus - this kind of bonus allows you to play any game with your spin bonus.
  3. Find a slot of your choosing or one designated in the terms - start playing and have some fun!